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1. Prologue Narrative: The Ancestry and Infancy of Jesus (1:11-2:23)

A. His Genealogy (1-1-17) arrow

B. Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem (1,18-25) arrow

C. Visit of the Wise Men (2:1-12) arrow

D. Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt (2:13-15)

E. Slaughter of the Holy Innocents (2:16-18)

F. Return of the Holy Family to Nazareth (2:19-23)

2. Book One: John the Baptist and the Early Ministry of Jesus (3:1-7:29)

Narrative: Ministry of John and Jesus (chapters 3-4)

Discourse: Sermon of the Mount (chapters 5-7)

3. Book Two: Jesus’ Miracles and the Commission of the Twelve (8:1-10:42)

Narrative: Miracle Stories of Jesus (chapters 8-9)

Discourse: Missionary Sermon for the Apostles (chapter 10)

4. Book Three: Growing Controversy and the New Kingdom (11:1-13:58)

Narrative: Jesus Confronts an Evil Generation (chapters 11-12)

Discourse: Parables of the Kingdom (chapter 13)

5. Book Four: Jesus Instructs Peter and the Twelve (14:1-18:35)

Narrative: Various Travels and Miracles of Jesus (chapters 14-17)

Discourse: Sermon of Life in the Church (chapter 18)

6. Book Five: Jesus Travels to Judea and Enters Jerusalem (19:1-25:46)

Narrative: Events in Judea and Jesus’ Teaching in the Temple (chapters 19-23)

Discourse: The Olivet Discourse – Judgment on Jerusalem (chapters 24-25)

A. The Destruction of the Temple (21:23-27)arrow NEW!

B. Signs of Jesus’ Coming and the Close of the Age

C. Persecutions Foretold

D. The Desolating Sacrilege

E. The Coming of the Son of Man

F. The Lesson of the Fig Tree

G. The Necessity for Watchfulness (24,36-44)arrow

H. The Faithful and the Unfaithful Servant

7. Passion Week Narratives: The Suffering and Resurrection of Jesus (26:1-28:20)

A. Anointing at Bethany (26:1-16)

B. The Last Supper (26:17-29)

C. Betrayal and Trials of Jesus (26:30-27:66)

D. Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus (27:27-66)

E. Resurrection of Jesus (28:1-15)

F. The Great Commission (28:16-20)

* Outline is taken from The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, Revised Standard Version,

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