My Kingdom Does Not Belong To This World

Mount of Beatitudes

The Solemnity Our Lord Jesus Christ,
King of the Universe

The Kingdom of God is all about life. Jesus goes to the cross so that we may have life.  When the Roman Centurion pierces Christ’s side with a lance, two things come out of his side, water and blood, and the church recognizes the two life giving sacraments.  The blood is a sign of what we do here today, the Eucharist.  When the risen Christ gives Himself, body blood, soul, and divinity, through the Eucharist to animate us with His divine life.  And the water which is a sign of baptism. Baptism which incorporates us into the divine life of Christ in the Church. 

…We are made in the image of God who is life.

Authentic Love Transforms A Broken World

Does My Life Reflect Christ?


Thirty-second Sunday
in Ordinary Time

If you are a Christian, your life should reflect something of Christ. Are you radiating Christ in your family … workplace … relationships … school? In your group of friends, are you transforming your friends to Christ, or are you being transformed by them into something you are not supposed to be?