The Gospel of Matthew: Introduction

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The Gospel of Matthew – Introduction

Fr. Avelino in the Holy LandOn Sunday, December 1, 2013 (First Sunday of Advent) we entered into the Matthean Year of the three-year Liturgical Cycle of the Catholic Church. This means that the Sunday Gospel readings will generally come from the Gospel of Matthew (unless it is displaced by a solemnity).

In celebrating this Year of the Gospel of Matthew, I am inspired to embark on a lofty project that I am very excited about – and I hope you will be also. I am going to write a Biblical Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew using the literary method of rhetorical analysis of as we go through the liturgical year.

Rhetorical analysis of the Bible is a unique method of biblical exegesis that was taught to me by the French Jesuit and biblical scholar Prof. Roland Meynet, S.J. at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome where I studied from 2002-2006.  (

I will also be using the rabbinical insights that I learned under Rabbi Asher Finkel PhD. of Seton Hall University who I had the privilege of studying under from 2001-2002 (

I will forever be grateful to these two men for introducing me to the beautiful world of the Bible. I owe my passion for Scriptures to them.  I hope my meager contribution honors them. Continue reading “The Gospel of Matthew: Introduction”